Hip Hop Orchestrated has been created to disrupt classical music culture, shift traditional art culture, and reverse the starving artists narrative through Hip Hop arts & culture. We are here to challenge the notion that ‘classical’ is code for ‘classism,’ that ‘cultural experiences’ are unaffordable luxuries, and that artists should subscribe to the ‘starving artists’ mindset. Art has the ability to connect, empower, & unite us. Hip Hop Orchestrated is blending music genres to connect people and empower artists.

the big audacious Goal

We are starting off small as ensembles, but the plan is to grow into a full philharmonic hip hop orchestra. 

View the video below to experience an inspirational vision of where Hip Hop Orchestrated is headed.

JIMEK's orchestrated definition of hip-hop was the last encore after two symphonic concerts with NOSPR and Miuosh. Recorded at the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall, on March 6th & 7th 2015 in Katowice, Poland | Orchestrated and conducted by JIMEK (Radzimir Dębski) | Performed by NOSPR - Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Edited mostly from videos recorded by fans.


So, how do we reach this BIG AUDACIOUS GOAL? We lay it all out in the vision plan below. 

Click through the slide deck below to find out how you can become a major key in helping to make Hip Hop Orchestrated a success!

phase I: objectives

During Phase I of the Hip Hop Orchestrated project, the objective is to transform Hip Hop Fans into Symphony Orchestra lovers.