Hip Hop Orchestrated (HHO) is an arts organization that believes music has the power to connect people of various backgrounds in a vary geniue way. We are creating musical blends and mash-ups between the sounds of Hip Hop and Orchestral music to create what we have deemed to be  "Orchestral Soul." We want people to feel the music of Hip Hop Orchestrated on a deeper emotional level. We strive to help the Hip Hop Orchestrated music fans connect with one another. We create music to help people build genuine friendship through the fellowship of the musical arts created during a Hip Hop Orchestrated performance and programming.

Explore the Hip Hop Orchestrated Innovation Ensemble soundCloud.

the playlist

Explore the musical repertoire that inspires Hip Hop Orchestrated!  Check out our Spotify Playlist. You are invited recommend songs!  Simply add a song to our Spotify Collaborative Playlist titled "Hip Hop Orchestrated." Once you add your recommended song to the playlist, we will give it a listen and consider integrated in one of our live shows. Take a look at the songs currently on the list. If the song you have in mind is Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggae, Soul, Jazz, Orchestral, or a blend of those genres, add on my friend! 


HHO Auditions

HHO is always open to bringing on up-and-coming talented musicians, music composers, music arrangers, beatmakers, Hip Hop lyricist, vocalists, poets, dancers and dance crews. We will be hosting auditions on an ongoing basis.

We are looking for performers well-versed in the art of "the freestyle" and who have a strong respect for long-standing art tradition. We are looking for musicians with a background in classical & jazz music training, or musicians who have honed their skills through informal music apprenticeship by established working musicians.

The precision of musicianship is not the only determing factor at Hip Hop Orchestrated. We are looking for performers who have a deep desire to use their art to improve the human condition through charitable community work. The vast majority of our gigs are paid, but we expect our HHO performers to participate in a select few community giveback performance and programs throughout the year.


Audition Guidelines

How To Apply: Those artists interested in joining the Hip Hop Orchestrated Ensemble must: (1) fill out the online HHO Application Form, (2) submit a link to a YouTube audition video, and (3) submit a link to their resume.

**For audition video requirements read sections below.**

HHO YouTube Audition Video

  • You will be required to play snippets from four differents songs during your YouTube audition. (Details of song slection can be found in the "YouTube Audition Song Selection" section.) 

  • YouTube Audition song sequence:

    1. One of the HHO Assigned Song

    2. Artist selected Classical/Jazz Standard

    3. Same song used for the "Artist slected standard" reinterpreted into a Hip Hop Version

    4. Artist selected Hip Hop song with freestyle/improvisation accompaniment

  • YouTube Audition Video title format: "[Insert Your Name] Hip Hop Orchestrated Audition Video for [Month-Year]"

  • Make sure your video is "Public" so it can be accessed for viewing during the digital audition evaluation process

  • Audition videos should last no longer than 8 minutes

YouTube Audition Song Selection

HHO ASSIGNED SONGS: Below you will find a list of required songs to study for the audition based on your instrument, vocal styling, or dance style. Select only one song from the list below.

Streets of NY - Piano, Drum Kit, Breakdancer

10 Crack Commandments - Solo for the DJ to scratch, Drum Kit

Big Poppa- Piano

Dead Presidents- Woodwinds, Spoken Word Artists, Hip Hop Artists

Spottieottiedopaliscious- Brass, Double Bass, Hip Hop Dance Freestyle

Rich Ni**az- Snare Drum, Quad Drums, Interpretive Dance 

Needed Me- Strings, Interpretive Dance, Vocalists 

Ave Maria- Beyonce, Steve Wonder or Charlotte Church style for Vocalists

Ave Maria-  All instrumentalists, Ballet Dancer

I Know I Can- Hip Hop Artists 

Pian o & I - Piano, Drummer


ATISTS SELECTED SONGS: Below you will find guidlines regarding the song selection process for the HHO audition. 

Classical Standard or Jazz Standard (Traditional): Musicians & dancers are to select a classical or jazz standard and perform the piece as written. Dancers are to perform a ballet or interpretive dance.

Classical Standard or Jazz Standard (Hip Hop Version): The same classical or jazz standard the musician selected now needs to be reinterpreted to fit a Hip Hop aesthetic. Dancers are now to add hip hop style to their ballet or interpretive dance performance with a selected fusion song that blends either Classical + Hip Hop or Jazz + Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Song Accompaniment (Improvised): Musicians select a Hip Hop song that they must add original accompaniments to, in order to enhance the song with live instrumentation.

Movements & Samples:



Hip Hop Orchestrated is seeking to connect with performers ready to shake-up the traditional art scene in Charlotte. Through a series of performance arts concerts + lectures, the connection between the Hip Hop DJ + the Conductor; Graffitti Writer + Gallery Artists, and Classically-trained dancer + The Breakdancer will be explored.

The premise: the skills and insights of the hip hop arts parallel that of the traditioanl art disciplines often held in high esteem by the unspoken societial standards. In showcasing the parallels of these two art worlds, parallels will also be showcased between the social classes traditionally connected to the two different art scenes.

Review the muses behind this performance art series concept in the videos below.