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Hip Hop Orchestrated has found itself in the headlines in both January and February. I guess we are starting off the new year right! Click the “Read More” button below the photo for the full scoop on Hip Hop Orchestrated. BIG THANK YOU to the writers, photographers and publications who decided to share the Hip Hop Orchestrated story.


Charlotte music collective 'Hip Hop Orchestrated' obliterates boundaries

By Pat Moran | Creative Loafing Charlotte | January 11, 2017

Octavia Moore was in fifth grade when she had her first major musical epiphany. Her class had taken a field trip to see the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, and the preteen's mind was forever blown.

"When I felt that wall of sound vibrating through my body and the beautiful melodies coming together, it really made a strong impact on me," Moore remembers. "I was ready to make music."

Orchestrating Social Change

by Pat Moran | Creative Loafing CLT | Jan. 11, 2017

Kia Moore | Hip Hop Orchestrated

Story: Tiffany Cooper  Photos: Luba Katarkova | February 2, 2017

Kia Moore, founder of Hip Hop Orchestrated, is more than a music enthusiast. Music not only grounds her, but also grows her and exposes her; shining light into her past and expanding way into her future. Moore grew up in a household surrounded by the sounds of soul, reggae, gospel and hip-hop. Everyone in her family shared a passion for music. “It was very impactful for me to always be surrounded by music,” she says. “It’s very sentimental, like music was my third sibling.”

In fifth grade, she took a school trip to see the orchestra, and she fell in love.

Moore says, “I loved that feeling of this wall of music coming at me - very peaceful, serene - sometimes it was chaos.”

 Recounting her young days when she would stay up with her family on Saturday nights to watch “It’s Showtime at the Apollo,” she remembers seeing Miri Ben Ari for the first time. Ari’s blend of hip hop music with an instrument generally reserved for the symphony intrigued her and she knew she wanted more.

Kia Moore | Hip Hop Orchestrated

By Tiffany Cooper & Luba Katarkova | Social Good Charlotte | Feb. 2, 2017