by @KiaTheWriter

March marked the debut performance of an expanded Hip Hop Orchestrated ensemble at the Night of Impact celebratory ceremony hosted by Profound Gentlemen. From a quintet to a dectet we had grown. Profound Gentlemen co-founder Jason Terrell was a fellow SEED20 classmate. He was very interested in trying to find a way to help support the mission of Hip Hop Orchestrated by booking the ensemble of a Profound Gentlemen event.

The Night of Impact event allowed Hip Hop Orchestrated to hear the sound of a DJ, trumpet, cello, and powerhouse vocals sound in addition to the sounds of the alpha ensemble crew that consisted of keyboard, drums, soul vocals, and two horns. 

The Night of Impact set list was a more soul infused selection with hints of orchestral flavors at the end. This was the onstage debut of what we have coined The Riharia, which is an augmenting of a Rihanna song with operatic vocal styling. Man Down (the opera version) and a closing orchestral keyboard solo solidified the need for more integration of orchestral music in our set list. We will also be integrating more music from the Hip Hop band The Roots into our live performance set list.

Take a look at photos from the Profound Gentlemen Night of Impact event.