By @KiaTheWriter

Hip Hop Orchestrated is proud to announce that we have been selected to be a part of the Social Venture Partners Class of 2017 SEED20! Seed20 is what happens when a business mentor program connects with social entrepreneurs and takes on a Shark Tank style approach to the final pitch presentation.

The SEED20 program will help raise awareness about the mission of Hip Hop Orchestrated and 19 other area non-profits while bringing interest our way. The hope is that our involvement in SEED20 will attract: (1) deeply invested board of directors members, (2) dedicated advisory board members, (3) generous social venture investors, and (4) allow us to build strong media connections.

On top of all this heighten awareness, Hip Hop Orchestrated may get lucky and have a chance to pitch on stage and possibly win funding. With the funds we will pay for musical arrangement services, music equipment, and musical development.  

Now that we are on the SEED20 path, H2O will have to transition from an organization with a non-profit fiscal sponsor (thanks Hip Hop University) to becoming a bonafide 501(c) 3 organization of our own. Any advice, tips, and/or one-on-one guidance will be most appreciated!

Learn more about SEED20 and get your ticket for the SEED20 On-Stage pitch event today!