Hip Hop Orchestrated is working with local singer/songwriter LeAnna Eden and former CMS Music Teacher & Charlotte Storyteller Colea Henderson to kick off its Music Education Advocacy work with its Music Speaks Workshops. The first workshop sponsored by ASC Culture Blocks will be a teens only session at the Southview Rec Center's Winter Wonderland Celebration on December 22nd at 5:30pm.

Hip Hop Orchestrated has developed a curriculum that teaches H2O Scholars the importance of understanding that music can send powerful messages to others. H2O is teaching scholars that Music Speaks. The goal is to leave scholars with the understanding that what is communicated in a song matters and has the ability to influence those that listen to the music created.

The current Music Speaks Workshop is part of the Black Music Icons Series.  With the Music Speaks workshops, Hip Hop Orchestrated will work directly with emerging local Charlotte artists who will be contracted to teach scholars the keys to songwriting and deep music listening. During the Black Music Icons Series scholars will learn about the black musicians who distinguished themselves as sonic artists that understood the power of music and its ability to influence the masses.

First up in the Hip Hop Orchestrated Black Music Icons Series are Nina Simone and Curtis Mayfield. Our Lead Facilitator, LeAnna Eden will teach scholars about her soul folk songwriter process, will provide insight about the Black Music Icons she looks up to (Simone & Mayfield). Co-Facilitator Colea Henderson, will then help instruct scholars as they engage in creating their own chorus to the sounds of LeAnna's guitar strums.

With in-person mentorship from a local songwriter and trained educator combined with the information provided in the H2O Music Speaks course packs (that scholars will get to take with them), H2O Scholars will be armed with the ability to create music that has something meaningful to say!

They will become the hobbyist music makers that understand that Music Speaks!

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