hip hop orchestrated ensemble

We are a passionate group of music makers and music lovers seeking to introduce the unfamiliar by combining it with the familiar. We are blending Hip Hop and Orchestral music to connect people of different backgrounds with one another through their common love for music.
 The Hip Hop Orchestrated Ensemble

The Hip Hop Orchestrated Ensemble

building a hip hop orchestra

The goal of Hip Hop Orchestrated is to become a full symphonic hip hop-influenced orchestra. We plan to blend the traditions of the Jazz Orchestra and the Traditional Orchestra while adding those unique musical Hip Hop elements to create a Hip Hop Orchestra. We plan to create a massive instrumental hip hop sound that only a symphonic hip hop orchestra can provide.

Hip Hop Orchestrated will bring the musical aspect of Hip Hop Culture to the Music Halls,  Museums, Art Houses, & Ivory Towers. Hip Hop Orchestrated will also bring the sound of Orchestral Music, Jazz, Blues,  Soul, & Instrumental Hip Hop to the Rec Centers, Libraries, Barber Shops, Hair Salons, Nightclubs, Local Restaurants, & other community gathering spaces.


Specialty Instruments Section

Yaybahar, Cornet, Harp, Digeridoo, Pocket Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Ocarina, Piccalo,

Rhythm Section

Piano, Drum Set, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass

Vocal Section

Lyricists, Vocalists, Poets, Choir

Electronic Section

Turntable, Drum Machine, Synthesizer, Midi Keyboard

Audio/Visual Section

Sound Engineer, Video Jockey, Lighting Designer


Brass Section

Tuba, Trombone, French Horn, Trumpet

Woodwind Section

Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon

String Section

Double Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin

Percussion Section

Conga Drums,  Marimba, Timpani


Who we are

 Octavia, Founder & Executive Director of Hip Hop Orchestrated

Octavia, Founder & Executive Director of Hip Hop Orchestrated

HHO Founder & Creative Executive Director

Octavia fell in love with music at a very young age. She grew up in a house filled with a massive vinyl, cassette, & CD collection composed of R&B, Hip Hop, & Gospel Music. An elementary school field trip to a Charlotte Symphony Orchestra performance imprinted an idea in Octavia's mind. From that point on she had a love for live music on a massive scale.

That love for Hip Hop music and the Orchestra music performances never left Octavia as she grew older. A grant opportunity from the Knight Foundation & 880 Cities allowed her to pitch an idea where she combine her two musical loves. In the Summer of 2016, Hip Hop Orchestrated was awarded seed funding to start the process of bringing the idea of Hip Hop Culture meets Orchestral Music Culture to life.

 The Hip Hop Orchestrated Quintet

The Hip Hop Orchestrated Quintet

HHO Ensemble

Hip Hop Orchestrated is incremental in its approach to building a Hip Hop Orchestra. We are starting off as small ensemble that will organically grow into a Chamber Hip Hop Orchestra. Eventually we will grow into a Hip Hop Philharmonic Orchestra.

We are currently developing our sound and brand during the Ensemble formation phase. We are finding out how we fit together on a sonic level and on an interpersonal level.

As we grow from ensemble to philharmonic orchestra, Hip Hop Orchestrated encourages musicians to breakout and form smaller ensembles (duos, trios, etc.) & solo brands. This allows Hip Hop Orchestrated Resident Artists to explore their own sound and develop stronger and deeper connections with one another. The breakout ensembles & soloist come back together to create a massive Hip Hop Orchestrated sound for orchestral performances & music productions.

HHO ensemble Artists


Friends of Hip Hop Orchestrated

Hip Hop Orchestrated is all about collaboration and connection. We love building friendship with fellow artists in the Carolinas & beyond! From performance projects to music education advocacy programs, we are looking to build with our fellow creative brethren. Learn more about our friends in the slideshow below.